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Better search functionality

My semester starts on Monday and today we're finishing up Winter break and scrambling to get everything ready for recording on Monday.

One of my pet peeves is getting better search functionality so I can make changes on the remote recorders. I've had the registrar shift several of my classes, combined with some faculty requests to change the folder destination for courses I've already scheduled. So if I go to search for a course number to edit, I get EVERY course with part of that number in my search. It would be great to be able to restrict down through quotes to a particular course without getting everything else that might have some of the numbers in their listing.

For instance, I have a lot of course 14..x classes that are recording. So I searched for "14.01" on the Scheduled menu hoping to pull up just that one course so I could go into each one and change the destination folder. Unfortunately, it pulls up all recordings that are course 14 and I have to dig through to the right one to edit. Once edited, the page refreshes and I have to scroll back to where I was - if I could right click and open it another tab, do my edit and save, it wouldn't be so bad, but the combination of the two is a bit frustrating.

What I would give to be able to do a mass edit for one set of recordings. If I can schedule it for a whole course, I should be able to edit it as a whole. It would certainly make life a lot easier when you are scheduling 50+ courses for a semester.

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    And when you're moving faster than the system, you occasionally get this - I had deleted this because it is a Massachusetts holiday, but was still modifying the other lectures to change the folder when I clicked on what I thought was the next lecture to modify and saw this.

    I do appreciate the error screen. ;)

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    Elaine M MelloElaine M Mello Whiz Kid
    edited February 2023

    Another Pet Peeve.....

    Finding out I scheduled a course to the wrong folder and having to edit the subsequent 30 scheduled events so that they go to the right folder.

    This process is:

    1. Do a search for the course number (in this case, it's a math course, 18.02)
    2. Sort by date
    3. Skip anything else that pops up with an 18.X because I can't do a granular search of just that one course.
    4. Edit the folder
    5. Search for the folder name to find the correct folder

    1. Get the following results, which apparently sorts at random for every time I do a search to find the most current folder
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