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Floating picture in picture

Hi Team,

A customer wants to implement this movable video player as seen here:


It is feasible using JS and our Embed API to make controls and an element to contain our embedded player while being moveable by mouse.

It seems like the video elements in the embed player does have document.pictureInPictureEnabled set to true, so if they just use HTML DOM APIs requestPictureInPicture on the embed player video element it does work.

1. The University says the video element is inside an iframe and they cannot target it, what ideas might the dev team have for them?

2. Is this what we should be recommending?

3. Is there an existing feature request/product feedback that other video platforms are offering?

A working attempt at this here - https://apac-se-1.ap.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=0b6e1850-d43e-4334-be1f-afa3003ca129


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