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Guided Content Production Workflow

It would be nice, specifically for new users, if there was a standardized/guided workflow in Panopto to help a user produce a recording/video end-to-end.

It would walk them through the steps:

  1. Would you like to (Record now, Schedule a recording for later, or upload a video)
    1. If recording now, they should be asked what they would like to record (Do you want to show your webcam, which microphone, share a screen), then they are taken to Panopto Capture with those sources ready to go.
    2. If scheduling a recording and they have access to remote recorders, they should be able to select a device, otherwise it should just schedule a recording.
  2. Once the media has been produced, they should be prompted to set/correct the folder, set up other folders to get reference copies, set a title, description, tags, availability, content language, and VSP settings.
  3. Once that has been filled out, they should presented with a sequence of picking a thumbnail, trimming the video, setting the table of contents, fixing captions, adding quizzes, etc.
  4. If an integration is configured, we should then be able to present the user with "Next Steps" for sharing content in the other platforms if they wish.

Having a guided production process like this would both improve the user experience by making it clear what they need to do to produce a high-quality video, as well as make sure that folks know of and can easily use the features in the platform. This would also make it easy to onboard new features (like branching videos, annotations, voiceover, etc.) if they are added.

*note - the above steps are just roughly what I follow when producing content, not necessarily the 'ideal' workflow, I just wanted to have something here as an example

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