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Option to Record All Audio Sources

Over the years we've had many situations come up where a user records a multi-hour presentation only to have no usable recording at the end of the day because they didn't select the proper audio input or that the source they usually use didn't work this time (microphone batteries die, etc.). It would be great if we had the ability to capture all when recording in the desktop app, then either select one in post or mix multiple audio sources after the fact to allow for a backup audio source in the room. Even a laptop microphone is going to be better than nothing.

If this was an option, I would have a strong argument for installing more USB boundary mics in rooms that also have a lav or podium mic. It would be lower quality, but at least there would be something to fall back on. Having the ability to mix the sources would also allow us to bring in audience questions more easily right within the platform without dedicated room audio/mixing hardware.

IMO the extra device and storage overhead in capturing these potentially unused sources would be endlessly outweighed if we are even able to recover one session that would've been otherwise lost.

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    You would also think there would also be some way to visually alert users when no audio was being recorded.

    Either at the point of microphone selection, or after a recording was in progress.

    "No audio has been detected for X seconds! Please verify the correct microphone has been selected."

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    For the desktop client, it will pop up a notification that says that no audio is detected (https://support.panopto.com/s/article/basic-recording-1#hTargetInstance8) which does help in most cases. With that said, the user here had actually seen that notification, returned to the podium, and dismissed the notification without taking any action. Honestly, I don't know that having a more verbose notification would help in this sort of situation.

    When folks are recording, I've found that they aren't going to read what the notification says, they are just going to move on and try to fix it later, which is why we need some sort of functionality that will allow for that here.
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    I use Epiphan recorders, which can record audio on each track and that is disabled once Panopto starts a recording. It drives me nuts not to have a secondary audio feed on another track as a backup. I also would want all channels to record audio, which it currently doesn't because it isn't used in Panopto. It would be great to have that secondary audio track that could be made primary in the editor as well.

    Just today a mic died on a professor and I have to remote in and engage the ceiling mics as a backup, but that takes me actively monitoring all captures at the time, which is a bit time consuming.

    As for notification, that would be nice - I've long wanted a VU meeting by the clock in the back of the room showing audio levels, or at least a light. While the Pearl recorders do have the ability for USB lights, the distance has been a little problematic to where it would do the most good. Chaz, if you have any good ideas, let me know! ;)

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