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Audio Only - audiogram visual for player

edited November 2023 in Feature Requests

Audiogram visual in player

It would be great if the uploaded image sat in front of a waveform visualisation. It would make audio content more engaging.

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    bump, please up vote! this is a small thing to implement and will help students

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    Downloadable transcripts have been on our community wishlist for some years now. With all the advancements with AI, especially in the past few weeks, are we possibly closer? There are so many third party tools out there (like deciphr.ai for example), but we're yet to find one tool that has passed Data Protection, so we've "baked" our transcript creator in Excel, but it's clunky and not widely advertised to our for that reason. Is DP the main reason as to why Panopto haven't been able to provided downloadable transcripts?

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    Hi @Michelle Doyle and @Robynne Blissett,

    Please follow and upvote this post for the feature to download the transcript without any timestamps. I have edited the description of this post to track the ability to update the audiogram visual in the player. This is an excellent idea and our team is tracking this internally.

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    Wow, great to be working with a company that listens. Chuffed to hear this! We would love to use Panopto for podcasting more and anything that can support this would make it more accessible to our students.

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