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Easier way mass add captions

On occasion, some new videos do not get automatically generated captions, or people want old videos without captions to have them added.

In order to do this you have to go to each individual recording select Settings, then Manage, then scroll down to select Re-process and finally select Ok. When you do that the page refreshes and takes you to the top of the recordings list, so you then have to scroll through again to find the other videos. This is a really long-winded and time-consuming way to do things but is even worse when you have multiple videos.

Sure I can raise a ticket to help out with the mass lot of videos, but that just wastes everyone's time and makes add delays to our users who want the captions asap.

What we could really do with is at the folder level a button to re-process multiple selected videos or a button for adding captions. In the same way, if you start selecting multiple videos in a folder, you will then see more options to Move recordings etc. We could have this extra button show there for only people with an admin role. It would be a great time saver.

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    Yeah, this kind of stinks. What I usually wind up doing is creating a new folder (can also be a subfolder) and setting it to automatically caption any videos placed there. You can use any captioning service you have set up including ASR. You can also set the language for the folder if you want them in another language.

    Then I move all the videos I want to have captioned to that folder.

    When I see the captions have been requested in the caption requests area, I can move all the videos back. The captions will follow the videos to their destination.

    It's a pain but it works.

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