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Retrieve data of sharing sessions


We are using your API Rest to retrieve data of sessions and viewing of sessions. But this retrieves data only from the course folder and its sessions. We need to retrieve also the sharing data. For example: a lecturer shares a session that is located in his personal folder, with his course members as viewers. How can I reach this data (of the sessions and of the viewing of this session) ? Another example: Sometimes the lecturer shares a session that appears in the course folder from last year (2021-2022) with his current students. All those examples are data that I'm missing and needs to retrieve. Can you help please?

Thanks, Yossi


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    I don't think they can. There's too many variable there.

    What if the instructor has set the video to not require authentication? Panopto knows about videos and folders. It doesn't know about courses in the LMS.

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    I'm referring only to folders and videos in Panopto. Can't I retrieve data of sessions and viewings from Personal folders ? it's a folder and has inside sessions

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    If the users are authenticated, there may be a way to string something together by only looking at the viewing data coming from those individuals, but as Chaz said, there isn't going to be a way to directly say for every single view exactly where it came from. If it is embedded and viewed using an LTI, there is a chance there is some sort of data that Panopto can pull from behind the scenes, but I wouldn't have high hopes.

    As an example, if a link to a video was included in an email or on a page inside the LMS or if the user came directly to the video, Panopto wouldn't have a way to accurately and universally attach a user (and their views) to a single course. If it is embedded using the LTI, there is probably some data being captured around this, but that isn't going to catch all use and that isn't something that is available on the surface at the very least. If the video allowed unauthenticated views, there is really no hope to get something accurate out.

    In short, yes you are able to retrieve data from a personal folder, and any other folder, but I don't believe the data you are after would've been collected and there isn't really a universally reliable way to collect it outside of the videos being stored (as reference copies or otherwise) in the current course folder.

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