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Reading the ID via API

Hello Community,

I can connect to Panopto via API. So the connection and everything is up.

But mainly I want to delete scheduled recordings from my media control (CUE https://www.cuesystem.com/EN/Home) via API command. However, for this I need an {id}. How can I read this out?

I have already worked with CUE support. They have provided me with the following answer:

"I don’t know, where I can get correct GUID for Session commands (SessionId) as well as FolderId GUID for File commands. I try to get it using GetMyViewedSessions without success."

Could you help me please?


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    Hi @Johannes Raestrup I think that these id it's de sessionId. It's a quite confuse because could be the sessionUpload too, that it's not the same ID.


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    Hey, @Jose Mar,

    thank you for your reply. Is it a question? Cause if it is a solution I don't understand it ;).

    I think i need to know how to read out the ID of a scheduled recording, to delete it. Or am i completely wrong?

    Greetings from Germany

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    I'm also programming a CUE panel and have got the authentication working (REST api). When you say you want to delete scheduled recordings, do you mean recordings in the future that have not yet been recorded? If so I am in the same boat as you, as I see no way getting a list of future scheduled recording IDs from the REST api (and you'd need those to be able to delete the schedules).

    I am able to get the ID of an ongoing recording on a specific recorder by using the



    endpoints and looping through them all using the

    /api/v1/scheduledRecordings/{id} endpoint to check if the recording is running on the specific recorder I'm interested in, but this is really not a good way of doing it. All these calls just to be able to list the title of the ongoing recording on the CUE panel.

    Anyway, if you somehow manage to get hold of the ID of the session / schedule you want to delete, the endpoint you list will surely do it.

    I've asked before and I ask again and I will probably ask in the future, please Panopto, add more endpoints to the REST API, and why can't we as paying customers get access to the remoteRecorderAPI endpoints which among other things give a nice way to get a list of future schedules for a specific recorder.

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    "...do you mean recordings in the future that have not yet been recorded..."

    Yes. That is the problem.

    All we need is an endpoint where we can read out which recordings/webcasts are running on which recorder. (incl. output of all info (ID,Title, etc...)

    "...which among other things give a nice way to get a list of future schedules for a specific recorder..." - YES!

    I cannot understand that this doesn't exist.

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