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Recommended fix for the mk_hidden_user.sh script in the macOS installer package.

edited March 2023 in Feature Requests

The existing script triggers the security prompt because it is using outdated methods of working with the dscl command.

I'd like to suggest the remove user bit be skipped completely, as that will always trigger the security prompt, and the majority of the -append's be replaced by -create's. Below is what I believe an updated version should look like, based on a conversation I had with the creator of the mkuser script on GitHub, while trying to provide an external workaround, for automatic installation of Panopto Recorder on macOS in an enterprise environment.


set -e



  # pick an unused UID in the 401-499 range


  found=$(dscl . -search /Users UniqueID $new_uid | wc -l)

  while [[ found -gt 0 && new_uid -lt 500 ]]


      new_uid=$(expr $new_uid + 1)

      found=$(dscl . -search /Users UniqueID $new_uid | wc -l)


  if [[ $found -gt 0 ]]


      echo "Failed to find an unused UID in the range 401-499"

      exit 1



# parameter 1 is the username


#parameter 2 is the desired home path


if [[ "$username" == "" || "$homefolder" == "" ]]


    echo "Usage: mk_hidden_user.sh USERNAME HOMEFOLDER"

    exit 1


if [[ $(dscl . -search /Users name $username | wc -l) -eq 0 ]]



    echo "Creating $username ( $new_uid ) user..."

    sudo dscl . -create /Users/$username UniqueID $new_uid

    sudo dscl . -append /Users/$username AuthenticationAuthority ';DisabledTags;SecureToken'

    sudo dscl . -create /Users/$username PrimaryGroupID 1

    sudo dscl . -create /Users/$username NFSHomeDirectory $homefolder

    sudo dscl . -create /Users/$username UserShell /sbin/nologin

    sudo dscl . -passwd /Users/$username this_password_is_disabled


if [[ ! -e $homefolder ]]


    echo "Creating $homefolder"

    sudo mkdir $homefolder

    sudo chown $username $homefolder

    sudo chmod 755 $homefolder


# Mark the user as disabled

echo "Disabling $username via dscl..."

sudo dscl . -append /Users/$username AuthenticationAuthority ";DisabledUser;"

# Hide all sub-500 UID users from the login window

echo "Hiding all sub-500 UID users..."

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow Hide500Users -bool YES

# Also hide the user specifically (belt & suspenders)

echo "Hiding $username from login window..."

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow HiddenUsersList -array-add $username

sudo dscl . -create /Users/$username dsAttrTypeNative:IsHidden 1

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    edited March 2023

    In short, I've had a script that creates the user account, before installing Panopto for years, that doesn't trigger the Security Prompt as a workaround, and it was overdue being reported that the issue could be fixed in the installer package.

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