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Add "shorter than" criteria to retention policy to allow auto deletion of unintentional recordings

This feature would allow Panopto to automatically flag videos shorter than a set length for deletion or archival. When people set up Zoom meetings so they auto record any time someone joins, we end up with hundreds of videos 30 seconds or less that were recorded unintentionally. Adding this criteria to the retention ppolicy would allow us to automatically clean our account up from all these unintentional recordings.

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    It's a great idea. I also asked them to add "session duration" as a criteria back in August of 2021 when I wrote this document and shared it with them: Public Panopto Content Retention Feedback

    I also would like "total plays" or "played status".

    Then I could create a rule which could be applied to the user directory to archive Zoom meetings which don't get watched.

    Archive If Creation Date > 6 Months AND Content Source = Meeting Integrations AND Total Plays = 0

    You could also add the duration and run it nightly or weekly to archive those short recordings. Then you could delete those recordings from the archive every month.

    Archive If Creation Date > 6 Months AND Content Source = Meeting Integrations AND Total Plays =AND Duration < 1 Minute

    Hopefully they start making some improvements soon.


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    Both of these (matching on session length and views) would be marvelous additions to the platform!

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