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Deleted archived videos without restoring first

In order to meet the new storage restrictions we need to make it as easy as possible for end users to keep only the files they need. Currently only admins can delete archived videos right from the interface. Creators need to first restore the video and then remember to come back to delete when the video is available (which they are also not notified about).

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    Ben CohanBen Cohan Crackerjack

    I agree, but there is some value in forcing the creator to restore first, as it's impossible to review them without restoring first. Otherwise creators could delete something, then weeks/months later realize they need something from that session they never reviewed before deleting. I know, I know .. we're all adults and babysitting and guardrails are annoying.

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    I agree that folks should be able to delete right from the archive, but I think instead of deleting immediately it should just be flagged for deletion in 90-days (like the recycle bin) or go into a queue for admins to review. We've had quite a few situations where someone has deleted something they shouldn't have and by the time it makes it to us it's too late to restore. Having a "Delete Now" button available to everyone is just going to dump gas on that fire.

    Also, small note, but both the user who created the content and the person who restored the content should be notified when something is restored from the Recycle Bin/Archive. In the case of the Archive, it should come when it is ready to view. If this isn't happening check your site settings: (https://support.panopto.com/s/article/How-to-Restore-Archived-Content#hTargetInstance4).

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