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Restoring Archived or Deleted Sessions to a Different Folder

It doesn't happen often right now but there are times we (Admins) need to restore archived or deleted sessions to a different folder. It would make the workflow more streamlined if we could do this when restoring instead having to wait 2 days for the session to restore and then move it. This would also be a better workflow for creators.

I expect the need to increase as we begin to enforce retention policies this Summer.

Would it be possible to add this option?

9 votes

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  • This is an obvious need.

    At a minimum, if an administrator restores something, we should get an email when the restoration is complete so we're reminded if further action (like moving) is required.

  • It was my impression (from testing) that the individual who restores a session, admin or otherwise, gets an email when that is complete. That is what happens on my site at least.

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