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Cold Storage Notice

We have received service requests from users who believe videos are broken when they try to access videos that have gone to cold storage. While the videos have properly come out of cold storage within a reasonable time frame, I would like to see a notice posted both in the server and embeded podcast versions of the Panopto viewer, informing users that the video they are trying to access is being retrieved from storage and may take between 1 and 10 minutes, and that they do not need to remain on the page while waiting. I believe this would reduce the number of service requests we receive mistakenly identifying videos as broken going forward.

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    Mackenzie BusbyMackenzie Busby Administrator

    Hi Bennett,

    Users who visit a page where an archived video is embedded or click a link to an archived video will see a message letting them know that the video is in archive. The exact message they will see is "This video has been archived and must be restored from the archive before it can be viewed. Restoring the video may take up to 48 hours."

    If someone clicks the option to restore the archived video, they message will update to "Video restore from the archive started _ minutes ago. Video will be available for viewing in _ days." (This will include actual time estimates of when the video is expected to be available.)

    Please see section 1.2.a of our documentation here for more information. Is this what you were picturing for this request? Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions.

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