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API Client Type & User Unauthorized

We are building a tool that will allow faculty and TAs to automatically schedule class sessions to be recorded based in the room assigned and with the class schedule already in our SIS.

I am working with Postman to start, and whenever I try to hit the /api/v1/remoteRecorders/search endpoint, I get 403 back. I am planning to use a User-Based Server Application so we don't have to give every single individual who is teaching a course creator access to the recorder. We also don't want the individuals to need to log into the SIS, then into Panopto when they go to schedule.

For context, the user that I generated the auth token for is also the user that I created the API client under. This user also has "Creator" access to a remote recorder device and "Creator" access to the default folder for the recorder.

Any help that we could get toward a solution here would be greatly appreciated.


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