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User group statistics supported via API?

We make use of SSO managed user groups, which are used for i.e. sharing purposes. 

Another aim is to make use of these user groups to answer statistical queries like: 

Sessions created per user group

Session views and downloads per user group

Storage used per user group

This is not possible via GUI today, but have any of you implemented anything like this via API?

Can it be done via API?

Panopto has open the following feature requests:

FR-5922 - Usage Report - Session views and downloads per user group

FR-5921 - Usage Report - Sessions created per user group

Many thanks in advance.

Best, Thorkild Jensen, DeiC


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    Joe MalmstenJoe Malmsten Panopto Employee


    At this time we do not support getting those statistics for user groups from the API. If you wish to find an update to the status of those FRs please contact your CSM for information on open feature requests.



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