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Auto Cross-post videos to 2 (or more?) different Folders.

All our folders are provisioned by the LMS site. We use either Remote Recorder Schedules or Zoom integration to get content into Panopto folder for the course. Some instructors want the same course recordings to post into 2 different Folders, which you currently cannot do.

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Tracking · Last Updated

Please consider using the batch copy process to easily create reference copies that can live in more than one folder while our team reviews this request: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Batch-Copy-and-Move-Videos#hTargetInstance1


  • This feature would allow the folders to act more like categories and allow a video to be categorized into multiple folders without having to duplicate the video.

    We have a lot of videos that may need to be accessible by multiple departments and videos that would fit into multiple categories but the content within the video will remain the same. This will allow us to edit and maintain one instance of a video and allow it to be categorized and accessible by multiple department/teams.

  • This could potentially be done by using playlists and departments as it exists now, but it isn't great. We are doing some poking at that sort of a thing now. Custom roles are going to be a huge win for this sort of thing as you will be able to create a "Copy Only" role where a user can view and make a copy of a session, but that would lock it in its current state.

    I would rather this feature be implemented by allowing a session to composed of only a single clip of another session, I think this would tackle exactly what you need. It would also allow some additional workflows for more robust clipping inside of Panopto.

  • Hmm, those are some neat ideas! I like the idea of the "Copy Only" but my question would be: does that "copy" update if the original is edited?

  • (On-Prem) Similar to a channel, assign more than one folder in session properties to avoid having to do workaround like creating a new session and using a clip, or a playlist. Example is multiple depts want to see same video appear in browser.

  • Good idea.

  • I would like the ability to create a shortcut to a folder which can be displayed within a folder. Ideally the folder shortcut would look like a subfolder.

    This would allow us to populate a folder of content and easily re-use it across multiple courses.

  • Yes, please. Example of use for shortcuts. A library owns one digital copy of a file. An instructor may show it in a class. The instructor wants a single folder that contains his/her videos . . . or at least shortcuts to videos s/he does not own.

    So, whether it's a shortcut to a folder or a specific video, we'd like the shortcut feature available. Thanks! --dann

  • Yes. This is very needed.

    When I've wanted to do this, I have to do a lousy work-around.

    1. I send them to a location other than one of the course's LTI folders (usually one I create in the instructor's personal folder).
    2. Then I add a link to the Panopto folder as a tool in both courses.
    3. Then I either add the LTI groups to the folder or set permissions to "Your Organization (unlisted) Anyone at your org who has the link". (I leave that up to the instructor.)

    It stinks, but it beats telling the instructor to create a reference copy after every class.

  • I'd love to see two things in this space:

    1. Be able to pair more than one course from an LMS to a folder in Panopto. (this would solve probably 90% of these sorts of issues here at Iowa)
      1. If that isn't an option, a great alternative would be to set a folder to just reference another folder. This would just make reference copies of the videos as they are created.
    2. When scheduling/recording, one should be given the opportunity to set the location (where the original goes) then "References" which would make references copies in the other locations where the content is needed.
      1. With this option, one should be able to create presets in the recorder so they don't need to set all of this up every time they record.
  • Agree 100% with Michael! When we used the Blackboard building block we had the ability to "Reconfigure" the course folder and could point to any Panopto folder. The course's creator and viewer groups would automatically be added to the folder to which you pointed. It was an elegant solution and made it really easy for folks to re-use material from one semester to another.

    Thanks Chaz for confirming the workaround I was thinking about.

  • I have yet another request for this today. My third of the semester.

    Just the ability to create shortcuts to other Panopto folders would also be helpful. Then in FA23-PHYS 20220-01 I could create a shortcut to the FA23-PHYS 20220-02 folder and grant them permissions.

    But yes, automatic folder syncing would be great.

    • For two folders it could be uni or bi-directional.
      • Anything which gets created in folder A gets mirrored in folder B.
      • Anything which gets created in either folder gets mirrored to the other.

  • For more than 2 folders, it would probably always be uni-directional
    • Anything in created in folder A, gets mirrored in folders B, C, D, E, etc.)
  • I'm not anticipating any improvements in this area anytime soon.

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  • I see it is updated above:

    Tracking · Last Updated August 31

    Please consider using the batch copy process to

    easily create reference copies that can live in more than one folder

    while our team reviews this request:

    However, this does not work with Scheduled Recordings, so as to have those appear in both folders. Every recording has to be moved only after it has taken place.

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