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Better Zoom integration - choosing recordings that go to Primary & Secondary Streams in Panopto

Zoom can record a variety of different views as separate video files.

  • - Active speaker
  • - Gallery view
  • - Shared screen
  • - Active Speaker with shared screen
  • - Gallery view with shared screen

At present, the Zoom integration in Panopto works like this:

  • - Active speaker will be Primary Stream in Panopto.
  • - Shared Screen with gallery view will be Secondary Stream in Panopto

We have a different need than this. We want to use

  • Gallery View as Primary Stream
  • Shared Screen as the Secondary Stream.

This means, that we end up spending a lot of time manually downloading recordings from Zoom and uploading to primary/secondary streams in Panopto. Essentially the integration is broken for us. We should be able to freely choose which Zoom recordings we want to transferred to Panopto. This should be as a list if we want 2 or more recordings in primary/secondary for example (for editing purposes).

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