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Camtasia integration and captions

I am a long time user of Camtasia for creating captioned media for deaf and hard of hearing students at a university. I'm attempting to use the Camtasia-Panopto integration to upload captioned videos. According to Camtasia it's "easy". When I select 'export' and 'Panopto' I get a dialog box that allows me to select "include captions (if available". I'm assuming because I created captions in Camtasia, they would be 'available' (maybe assuming is my first mistake). However, when I export the video with captions to Panopto, the captions do not attach. Additionally, when I attempt to edit the video in Panopto and import a .srt file of the captions, the function does not work. I do have creator status, according to the IT department at the university. Why won't the captions import to Panopto with the video? Why won't the .srt file import separately? This is the data from the activity log:

2023-04-21 01:40:27 PM: Failed Human transcription task (core): 322dde0a-9fcc-45b0-a492-afeb014436d1 session: bf1f289b-e1b8-47bd-b458-afeb0142a60e transcription request: 2053a2a6-337e-490d-97aa-afeb01443683 


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