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Intensive API calls concerns

We are inquiring to find out about any potential risks associated to running intensive API calls (approximately 4000 times) to set the description of a session. During this API calls do you foresee any impact in our Panopto instance performance?

During business hours our Panopto instance has heavier traffic and activity. Do you recommend running this API calls during less traffic/activity (overnight)?

Thank you in advance,

Ricky M.


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    I just wouldn't hammer them back to back to back without any buffer in between.

    I'd also make sure to implement progressive backoffs in your retry attempts.

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    The amount of calls to the REST API is limited to 60 calls per minute, if you exceed this you will receive an error message. This is an undocumented feature of the API but I found out during development I need to throttle the traffic. Currently I just wait 1 second after each call, I prefer stability over processing speed.

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