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Digital Agreement for Open Publishing of Videos - Feature Request

Dear Panopto Team, there is a need for a integrated sollution for Digital Agreement for Open Publishing of Videos. Many institutions, has rules for signing an agreement before publishing content outside of login service.

The feature involves implementing a digital agreement process for users who wish to publish their videos openly without requiring a password or login. This will help ensure that users have the necessary rights to the content and have obtained consent from all participants before making the video available to the public.

Feature Overview:

  1. When a user attempts to set a video for open publishing, prompt them with a digital agreement. This agreement will require the user to confirm that they have the rights to all content used in the video and have obtained consent from all participants.
  2. Allow the user to read and digitally sign the agreement before granting them the ability to publish the video openly.
  3. Implement a function on the Panopto platform to trigger the digital agreement prompt when a user selects open publishing.
  4. Provide integration options for the digital agreement, either as an internal Panopto function or through third-party services with API, such as Google Forms.
  5. Maintain a list of all videos that have signed digital agreements, allowing administrators to keep track of them.
  6. Enable users to request co-signatures from other users if there are multiple owners or contributors to the video.

We believe this feature will enhance the user experience and help organizations maintain compliance with copyright and privacy regulations. We appreciate your attention to this request and look forward to seeing this feature implemented on the Panopto platform.

Here is an example agreement from NTNU: (Agreement to make video material accessible on Internet)


Thank you for your consideration.

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