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End viewing time option in an embedded video or sharing link

Amy CookAmy Cook Tyro
edited January 18 in Feature Requests

We would like to be able to designate both a start AND AN END viewing time on videos when embedding them into a Canvas Page, Assignment, Quiz question, or Discussion. As of now, it is possible to designate a Start timestamp for a video, but not an End time. This would be particularly helpful for language classes. If an instructor wanted to make a translation quiz on Canvas, for example, they could prepare ONE (1) video in which they recorded a number of different phrases to be translated, with pauses in between. Then the instructor could repost just that one video multiple times, but could choose a different start and stop time for each phrase posed to be translated. This would save the instructor from having to make multiple copies of the same video, and from having to make cuts to each of those copies so that only the designated segment could be viewed for each question.

Other video management software (YouTube, Kaltura) has this ability, so it would be great if Panopto could add this as a feature as well.

Since the Quizzing feature in Panopto does not allow for free-answer, teacher-graded questions (such as how Playposit allows), the only way for our instructors to have a video-based, free-answer questions that are tied to the Gradebook in Canvas is to set it up as a Canvas Quiz or Assignment.

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