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AI-Driven Content Summarization and Interactive Multiple Choice Questions

We propose integrating an AI-driven content summarization feature into the Panopto system, allowing for the automatic generation of concise lecture summaries. This would enable students to quickly review key points and identify areas that need further exploration. Additionally, the system would automatically create multiple choice questions based on the summarized content and incorporate them as interactive elements within the video. The quality of these questions would be assessed through a combination of instructor input and student ratings.

Feature Details:

  1. AI Content Summarization:
    • Implement an AI-based algorithm to analyze video lectures and generate concise summaries of the content.
    • Allow instructors to review and edit the summaries before making them available to students.
    • Provide students with access to these summaries as a study aid and for quick content review.
  2. Automatic Multiple Choice Question Generation:
    • Utilize the AI-generated summaries to create relevant multiple choice questions for each lecture.
    • Incorporate these questions as interactive elements within the video, allowing students to test their understanding while watching the lecture.
    • Offer customization options for instructors to set the frequency and timing of questions during the video playback.
  3. Quality Control:
    • Instructors can review and select the best questions generated by the AI before they are added to the video, ensuring relevance and accuracy.
    • Alternatively, students can rate the quality of the questions during their study sessions. If a question receives a consistently low rating from multiple students, it will be flagged for removal or revision.
    • Periodically update the AI model with feedback from instructors and students to continuously improve question generation and ensure high-quality interactions.


  • Enhances student learning experience by providing concise summaries and opportunities for self-assessment.
  • Saves instructors time in creating review materials and interactive elements for their lectures.
  • Encourages student engagement and active learning during video lectures.
  • Continuously improves question quality and relevance through feedback from instructors and students.


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