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What's New: Panopto releases new LMS integrations with LTI 1.3 support

Chris_KnowltonChris_Knowlton Panopto Employee
edited July 2023 in What's New


Panopto version 13.18 (released April 20, 2023) includes an optional upgrade to the way we integrate with major Learning Management Systems. The upgrade provides support for testing with the latest version of the Learning Tools Interoperability standard, commonly referred to as LTI® 1.3. 


LTI 1.3 uses the IMS Security Framework, providing upgraded content and student privacy and security for sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) passing between platforms and tools. LTI 1.3 also supports additional services, referred to collectively as LTI Advantage, laying a foundation for Panopto to add new functionality in the future. 

When deployed, the upgrade should be transparent for instructors and end users, as the user interface with LTI 1.3 doesn’t change.


If you are using Blackboard Original, Blackboard Ultra, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, or Moodle, you are encouraged to start testing the new LTI 1.3-based integrations on your test site at your earliest convenience. Read more about this topic and how to upgrade at Learn About Panopto Support for LTI 1.3.


If you’d like to opt in for testing, LTI 1.3 must be enabled on your test site for you by the Panopto Support team. In an upcoming release in June, you’ll have the ability to enable LTI 1.3 on your own for both testing and production. 

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