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Is there an API to automatically delete terminated employees?

edited June 2023 in API

Environment: OnPrem

We've noticed that our license count is getting used by terminated employees and would like to see if there's an API to automatically delete them instead of manually deleting users.

1) Is there an API?

2) If no, could we request an API?

3) In the meantime, what is the best practice for terminated employees within a large company?



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    Following... This is also an issue for hosted customers. It impacts license utilization and also content retention.

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    edited June 2023

    @Chaz Barbour I caught up with my account rep and he let me know that:

    1. Anyone that has not accessed Panopto for more than 6 months will have their license recycled back into the pool regardless of being an active employee
    2. I asked what the best practice was for leavers and the clean up process and it wasn't really ideal. Most companies will leave the users in Panopto since the license will be recycled after 6 months of last login regardless of whether the user is in the system or not. I asked if we could have a feature enhancement to have some sort of filtering which shows active vs inactive users so maybe we can bulk remove them by checking all inactive users. The only risk is that we'll be removing actual employees (if they haven't logged in for 6+months) since there isn't an actual logic.

    Hoping someone can suggest a better process😭.

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    Thanks. I knew the 6 month rule.

    I really would love a better method of off-boarding content when people leave our university.


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