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Any way to disable 'Show title' in the embed window by default?

edited June 2023 in General Q&A

We always untick it - it looks messy, often the title doesn't communicate content, and our LMS design makes it redundant. Would be great to make this the default option. Those thousands of unticks our team do a year all add up! Cheers


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    Agreed! How much value is added by "Lecture 1"?

    I've asked for them to allow this to be customized at the site, folder, and user level. (I think those levels should be available for most options.)

    Admins should be able to set the default site options.

    Sometimes we may want to change it for certain folders (and/or entire parts of the folder structure).

    Some users may want Titles on, while others don't.

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    I generally agree that the "Show Title" box should be unchecked (but available) by default in both standalone and LMS embeds. We've already set up the integration we built with our central CMS to be this way but that's mainly because there was no way to get the Title to match our site branding.

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