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Read/Browse/Search Archived Video Transcripts/Details

Right now, when an old video is archived, it takes time to restore it for the user to watch. For things like training, that might be fine. But when we are searching through lots of old meetings and discussions, we may need more urgent access to that information. It would be great if we had the option instead of restoring the video (which in this example, is telling me it will be available 2 days from now), I could have access to the complete transcript/captions/searchable content of the video without the video itself. Essentially the left panel in a normal video, where you can search for captions, discussions, screen OCR content, etc. This would at least help me to narrow down which video I'm actually looking for and restore it. Or maybe, I might find all the details I need in the transcript.

These data should be readily available since the search engine uses it to show search results for the archived videos, so maybe on the restore video page, there's a section below it that lets a user read and search through that video's metadata (without the video).

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    This should at least be an option for Admins and Videographers.

    The metadata and text you're talking about must be an extremely small amount of the total storage.

    We actually had requested that when video were archived they leave a copy of the lowest quality/resolution video in active storage. It could then be used to preview a video before restoring it and finding out you restored the wrong video.

    Restoring the wrong video costs Panopto money, and costs us time.

    Panopto didn't seem super interested in the idea.

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    I like the idea of the low quality video being available too.

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