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Download/Save Video to iOS Device (if user has permission)

On the web client, I can download a video as an admin, or a user that's been granted permission to do so. In the app, I can download (i.e. "save to offline"), but there's no option to save that video outside the mobile app (iOS) to my iOS device. I use this as an admin sometimes when someone requests a copy of the video for consumption outside Panopto (e.g. external contractors) or when I need to upload it to another kind of web service. I'd like to be able to do this from my mobile iOS device and not wait until I get back to my desktop/laptop.

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    Does going to your Panopto site in Safari not allow you to download the MP4? Perhaps by telling it to request the desktop site?

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    Safari does allow downloads, but when I use this method, I have to log in every time with SSO (because I don't use the desktop site everyday on my phone). The iOS app however, keeps my login cached, and that's where I watch the videos. It would just be a nice addition to the current download feature if we could save it to an external folder from within the iOS app.

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    Ah. I understand the need and desire, but I think that may present a huge security concern because it would probably also allow students to do the same thing.

    At least currently.

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