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Set a Default Role with SSO Integration


We're using an SSO integration to the Panopto website -- is there a way to set a Default Role for this? Currently all staff come in a a Viewer, but I'd like them to come in as a Creator (we do not have Student accounts at this time) so I don't have to manually change their role each time a new staff member logs in.

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    Chaz BarbourChaz Barbour Superstar
    Answer ✓

    I think this is the setting you need to change in your Internal Identity Provider sestion:

    Users with personal folders will be creators.

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    Chaz BarbourChaz Barbour Superstar
    Answer ✓

    Of course that assumes you have account unification enabled because you have multiple IDPs.

    If not, there's a similar field in your SSO's IDP section. Personal folders for users: Set that to Everyone.



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