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API issue

I am unable to make API calls successfully. I've tried several variations. I either get a blank screen or an error saying that API version 1 is not supported. Tried to open a ticket and was sent here instead.


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    I've read through all of the documentation for setting up APIs. The information isn't thorough enough to be helpful.

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    Hi Mirlanda,

    Can you let us know the details what have you tried. For example:

    • which api call
    • what code did you use
    • ..any other details what you are trying would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Evelin PfeifferEvelin Pfeiffer Panopto Employee

    Hi Mirlanda,

    I ran it in Postman after noticing that you mentioned that the API version 1 is not supported.

    I looked at your ticket. The session search API works as expected, however, with the Get sessions call I did not get it right, or at least it seems that the session ID is not recognised as query parameter - although I am not sure this is expected.

    However, it delivered the result

    If you are happy to provide more feedback, we can adjust the documentation.



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