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View Fill in the Blank User Answers in the Quiz Results Tab

edited August 2023 in Feature Requests

Currently, it appears that when viewing quiz results, expanding individual user results for a Fill in the Blank question does not display the user's typed answer. Is there any way to view a user's answer selection when the answer is wrong (specifically for FITB questions)? In our particular application, foreign language students provide answers to FITB video questions where although the spelling and punctuation are critical, capitalization is not. If a student accidentally capitalizes an answer, the answer is graded as wrong and because the instructor cannot see their typed answer, there is no opportunity to possibly regrade and award more points in the corresponding Blackboard Grade Center column.

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Workaround for now: Download the quiz results to view the users' responses: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/How-to-Add-a-Quiz-to-a-Video#hTargetInstance2


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    Hi @Mario Menendez! Thank you for submitting this request. I will make sure to leave it open so our team can review this scenario you are describing.

    In case it is helpful, I wanted to note that fill-in-the-blank questions are not case sensitive. I will make sure to have this added to our documentation here: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/How-to-Add-a-Quiz-to-a-Video#hTargetInstance2

    Although it is not easily viewable from the session settings -> Quiz Results tab like some of the other quiz result information, you can see a user's fill-in-the-blank responses in the downloadable report. I hope this helps while our team looks into adding this functionality to the webUI!

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    Great stuff, Mackenzie! Knowing that the specific response data is in the downloadable report is good news for our instructors. Definitely would be great to have it in the UI, but this is great for now. Thanks!

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