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Moodle Forums - Students don't have permission to view videos

edited August 2023 in Moodle

When my students share a Panopto-hosted video, classmates don't have access to view each other's videos. They are prompted to request access to watch the vids.

This is even with the share setting, "Anyone in the org who has the link."

I can't find a tutorial video in Panopto that addresses this problem.

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    Eric PhetteplaceEric Phetteplace Whiz Kid
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    How are they sharing their videos? Are they emailing links to each other? Are the videos embedded in Moodle text areas, like with the Panopto text editor buttons?

    Course Folders can be confusing because if a student does the right thing and uploads to the course's assignments folder, then other student's can't view it. You need to go to the assignment folder's settings and select the checkbox "Allow viewers to see each other's sessions." It's shown on this page from Pepperdine: https://community.pepperdine.edu/techlearn/tools/panopto/assignmentfolders.htm

    I think students uploading to assignment folders can't edit the viewing permissions themselves, so you need to use this setting. The other thing that could be happening is you're using the Panopto LTI button for Atto and there are two copies of uploaded videos—one in the Student Submissions folder under the Assignments folder where students are not able to see each others' videos and one in the students My Folder. If they edit the sharing on the copy in My Folder, it might not change things, because the other video is embedded. Really, setting a video to "anyone in the org who has the link" should work. So it makes me think something else is going on, like duplicate copies of videos or assignment folder quirks.


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    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the solution, "Allow viewers to see each other's sessions." That was the issue.

    Very much appreciate your time!


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