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Notification of issue affecting access to embedded videos with Blackboard Classic

Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee
edited August 2023 in Bug Reports

Hello - We want to let you know about an issue affecting access to videos embedded with Blackboard Classic after unification with a Blackboard Ultra LTI 1.3 provider. 

What is the issue?

Blackboard Original courses that are created after unifying with a Blackboard Ultra LTI 1.3 provider may not automatically grant access to embedded videos.

Users will get the “Request Access” page for embedded videos until they manually sync their access and get permission to access the course content. 

Which versions of Panopto are affected?

All Panopto Cloud versions are affected.

How do I tell if this affects me?

Customers who meet the following criteria may be impacted:

  • Have a new Blackboard Classic course with embedded videos.
  • Have students accessing those embedded videos without clicking a course link.
  • Have a Blackboard Classic provider that was unified with a Blackboard Ultra LTI 1.3 provider.
  • Have the “AttemptAutoPermissionsSyncOnRequestAccessPage” site setting enabled. When enabled, an attempt will be made to automatically sync permissions from your LMS and reload the playerif a user sees the "Request Access" page when attempting to view an embedded session. This is disabled by default.

How do I mitigate the issue?

Affected users can sync their access by clicking their Blackboard Original Panopto Content link before accessing embedded videos.

When will this be resolved?

We are tentatively expecting this issue to be resolved in all Panopto cloud environments by September 8th.

For any questions, please contact Panopto Support online at support.panopto.com.

Best Answer

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    Bill WolfBill Wolf Panopto Employee
    Answer ✓

    This issue was resolved in all environments as of September 8th.

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