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Suppress access permission sync on LTI link: Works only for multiple sites

Student enrolled to a single LTI/Sakai site is not removed from user group when removed from the course in Sakai. Is this a fluke or a user setting?

It seems when a student is removed from a Sakai course, they remain a member of the user group in Panopto and retain access to their videos.

Any ideas?


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    That's the way it always worked for us when we were on Sakai. Manually removing them from the group sometimes proved difficult since it was managed via the LTI integration. This also means if a student becomes a TA, they get added to the Creators group for the course. If they're later demoted back to a student, the don't lose that access.

    There is a part of the LTI specification that allowed the LMS to send the entire course roster to the external tool anytime anyone ever clicked on the LTI tool but to my knowledge, I never found any vendor that ever supported or took advantage of that. That's a shame because in theory, it would have allowed Panopto and other tools to always keep the roster updated and prevented issues like this.

    In general, it's not handled well.

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