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Detect and automatically delete black video

We have eight rooms where we include two content sources in addition to the camera in the recording session. We use Epiphan recorders for these recordings. In these rooms, it is possible to project two content sources next to each other. It regularly happens that teachers have enough with one content source, so one source of black video is recorded by the Epiphan recorder. Teachers should remove this unused content source afterwards in the editor in the overview of the different streams. It would be nice if Panopto offered a possibility to automatically detect and remove black video.

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    While I like this idea in general, I don't know that I'd trust it to act without the instructor's approval. I also think it would be awesome if the editor would go a bit further and instead suggest edits:

    • Amend low confidence ASR captions
    • Trim beginning/end/breaks in audio
    • Trim sections of video streams that are blank
    • Pick a thumbnail
    • Add a description

    This could come in the fabled "Creator Dashboard" and/or a daily/weekly roundup email with comments/discussions that need a reply/review, videos that need to be published, videos that have had a recent uptick in views/interactions, and edit tasks that may improve video quality on recently produced videos.

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    I can see that working. After the video is processed the creator could receive an email indicating Panopto detected large amounts of blank space in one or more of the video streams and offer the user a button to take them to the editor.

    The editor could then have a button to automatically hide all the portions of the streams with missing video, let them preview the result, then apply the changes.

    Sounds awesome!

    I wonder if we'll ever see it?

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    It would be really great if you could choose a self-configurable auto-edit setting that includes trim beginning/end/breaks in audio and trim sections of video streams that are blank. (Listed above by Michael Espey)

    Non destructively implemented

    In the age of AI, we may well dream of such a feature.

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