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Include video owner details on all Panopto video access request emails

edited November 2023 in Feature Requests


The video access request emails sent out by Panopto include details about who has requested access and the folder the video is stored in. If the video is being stored within somebody's my folder area then it's often possible to infer which user likely created/owns this video but if the video is stored anywhere other than somebody's my folder it's often not possible to know without looking this up.

Would it be possible to include video owner details (name and email address) as that way we'd more easily have enough information to put together a fully automated process through our support system that notifies the video owners of requests. I know that Panopto can provide a fully automated system that will pass notifications to admins etc. on folder levels above but we'd prefer something that more specifically targets the actual video owners.

Alternatively, more granular controls for configuring who receives access request emails so this could be handled entirely within Panopto would be even better but I'm hoping that simply including the video owner details would be very simple to do.




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