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Postman + Panopto

민재 김민재 김 Tyro
edited November 6 in API

Hey there!

i've been making service with a Canvas + Panopto.

i would like to ask about how to use Postman with Panopto properly

i already connected Canvas + Panopto and i was trying to test Panopto API test with a Postman then i encountered 'Error processing request, The client application is not known or is not authroized' problem


  1. i already got client Id and added to Postman and Client Secret as well
  2. Auth URL : https://myDomain/Panopto/oauth2/connect/authorize
  3. Access Token URL : https://myDomain/Panopto/oauth2/connect/token
  4. Call back : https://www.postman.com/oauth2/callback and i also added this url to my Client API



  • Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee


    Would you be able to verify the type of API Client you created in Panopto, and the Grant Type you have selected in Postman? That may help narrow down what the issue is. Can you also tell me which scopes you are requesting?

    There may be many reasons to get this error, and some of the most common are that the Grant Type does not match the client type, the client ID or client secret is entered incorrectly, the scope is not valid, or the redirect URL was incorrect in the API client.

    It seems as though you've already checked the redirect URL, so I'd suggest verifying the client ID and client secret values are correct, especially that there is no adducent whitespace at the beginning or end, verify the API Client type and Grant Type, and double check the scopes you are requesting.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if you continue to see this issue after verifying those three items above.



  • thank you for your answer!

    i already checked two times everyting that i wrote in Postman but there is doubtful box

    i'm not sure what should i write scope box . i guess this is my problem

    plesase let me know!

    Thank you

  • Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee


    For the scope, you can just enter "api". That should be the only required scope you would need.

    Please let me know if that works, or if you have any other questions.



  • 민재 김민재 김 Tyro
    edited November 12


    i just resolved this problem so i can get AccessToken by PostMan Oauth2. However, after that , i got 401 error from response

    should i add extra inforamtion? or is that enough??

    Just for your information, i'm using openFeign to call Panopto Rest API

    i was trying to call this url


    Thank you!

  • Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee


    Was the user you were using to call the API an admin in your Panopto system? If not, that could result in getting an authorization error.

    If you are using an administrator, I'll need some additional information from you. If that is the case, please have your Panopto contact open a support ticket with Panopto Support, and we can get some additional information from you.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.



  • Hello

    yes i m that the case. so you mean, shuold i contact with Panopto Support team right?

    thank you!

  • Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee


    Yes, please go ahead an open a ticket with Panopto Support so that we can continue to look into this for you.



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