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Remote Recorders - Next Recording Sort Order

When looking at the dashboard of Remote Recorders on the web (*..hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Admin/RemoteRecorders), if you sort by next recording, you have two options.

If you choose Descending, you see the recorders with recordings scheduled the furthest in the future first and it ends with the recorders without scheduled recordings.

If you choose Ascending, you see all of the recorders with no recordings scheduled first, and those with current or imminent recordings after those with no recordings.

Neither of those are good options when you are trying to see the status of current and soon to happen recordings so you can be proactive about fixing problems.

When sorting by next recording, the recorders with no recordings scheduled should be sorted as infinitely in the future (so, first in Descending and last in Ascending). This would allow you to sort by Ascending and see the active recordings first followed by those that are imminent.

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