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Panopto Windows Recorder - Primary Video Quality, defult: High

In Panopto recorder for windows, can the recording quality for the primary video as a default be set to "high" (or ultra)? The "standard" quality is useless and when a user has forgotten to change the video quality, the video is ruined.

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    I wish these sorts of default options could be configured at the site level and applied to new installs.

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    That would be even better!
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    I agree with this request! I always direct end-users to up the quality setting of their videos before they record. Would be great if I didn't have to mention it because the quality is already set to a higher quality.

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    Dito, and same thing for the Mac recorder Panopto Capture.

    I agree. If the most meaningful features are set to default, the less we have to provide instructions for another click or step.

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