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What's new: 14.10 UI/UX Changes

Micah CaffeyMicah Caffey Panopto Employee
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  • Micah CaffeyMicah Caffey Panopto Employee
    edited December 2023


    With the release of Panopto 14.10, we are rolling out significant enhancements to the UI/UX, focusing on refining the overall look and styling of key components, along with a few helpful updates in the form of stability improvements for Blackboard LTI and Remote Recorder. In addition to the primary changes highlighted in the following sections and accompanying images, users may also observe subtle styling adjustments contributing to greater design consistency.

    Home Page

    The updates to the Home Page aim to create a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience. This includes ensuring that the text and spacing are easy to read, modernizing icons for a fresh appearance, adding subtle dividers for better organization, clarity, and introducing a "Recently Viewed" section to quickly find content that was recently watched.

    Folder Pages

    The Folder Pages are receiving a makeover to enhance its overall look and organization. This includes making sure that the header and subfolders have a unified and clean design. Additionally, changes are being made to how video cards, titles, and spacing appear, creating a more organized and user-friendly browsing experience. The design and usability of bulk select, view, sort, and filter controls are also getting a fresh update for improved functionality.

    View Picker Controls and Archive Toggle

    Changes have been made to enhance the design and placement of View Picker controls and the Archive toggle, streamlining them onto a single row for a more user-friendly panel.

    Bulk action select controls

    The design of controls for bulk selected videos has been updated, replacing text labels such as 'Delete,' 'Copy,' 'Move,' and 'Share.' with cleaner icon buttons. The panel now displays the number of selected videos, and users can exit the view by clicking the 'X' icon.

    Sort Controls

    Improvements to the sort controls include a more visually appealing and streamlined approach. The 'Sort by' section is now presented in a single dropdown on the right-hand side, enhancing the overall aesthetic and user experience.

    Date Filter: 

    The Date Filter has undergone a UI update with additional functionality. The redesigned calendar view provides a more user-friendly experience, displaying two months for easier date range selection. Five new date controls have been added for quick access to date-based content, enhancing convenience and usability.

    “What’s new” component:

    This guide is designed to highlight the new features of the latest release right within the app, starting in 14.10 with reviewing some of the UI/UX enhancements highlighted here. It is designed to show only once after the latest update and can be exited at any point in the process.

    LMS Folder View

    Changes to the LMS Folder view (the view of Panopto within Canvas, Moodle, etc.) are designed to move toward parity of both design and functionality between VCMS and LMS views - including the addition of redesigned and upgraded sort and date filter controls, view toggle buttons, video views, buttons, component layout, fonts and spacing.

    **In addition to these UI/UX updates, we have a few additional improvements on the way:

    We are improving our course copy experience for Blackboard customers to ensure they can copy course content with our new Blackboard LTI integration. Work has begun to remove our dependencies on 3rd party browser cookies and will continue in 2024. Our Remote Recorder has also been updated to automatically reconnect with hardware devices that the operating system may have renamed.


    Our ongoing mission is to elevate the user experience within Panopto continually. By incorporating these changes, we aim to enhance the platform's intuitiveness and ensure alignment with evolving industry design elements and best practices.


    As these UX changes are minor, they will be seamlessly applied to your Panopto libraries during the rollout. Panopto administrators and content creators need not take any action. For viewers, the updated UX will refresh the look and feel of Panopto libraries, requiring only minor adjustments in end-user behavior.

    We invite you to explore the refined UI/UX in Panopto 14.10 and welcome your feedback. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support as we strive to provide you with an exceptional Panopto experience.

    Best regards,

    The Panopto Team

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