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Sessions Created Report without Sessions Edited

edited January 2 in Feature Requests

We are trying to build dashboards (with Power BI) detailing Panopto usage. One data point that my leadership asks for is the number of sessions created by individual users during a given time period (semester, year, etc.).

The report Total Sessions Created by User is very light on the details of those sessions, merely reporting the number of sessions and minutes created, not the names, folders, and start times of those sessions.

The Sessions Created and Edited report shows good details on sessions newly created during a time period but also reports on older sessions that were edited during the time period. It also shows sessions that were recorded (or scheduled) on remote recorders. This combination of data is not helpful. I really want to show separate numbers for different types of recording and uploading. I want to show the different ways recordings are getting onto our Panopto site.

So the report I really want would give me details on sessions created by individual users and would not include:

  • Sessions scheduled on a remote recorder.
  • Sessions imported from Zoom or Teams
  • Sessions that were created before a time period, but edited in the time period.

Please note we do not have anyone on staff who works with APIs so it's important that this becomes part of the canned reports. Or better yet, give admins the ability to roll our own reports.


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Please see the comment below and refer to the following post for upvoting fully custom reporting: https://community.panopto.com/discussion/1381


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    Evelin PfeifferEvelin Pfeiffer Panopto Employee

    Dear Beth,

    thanks for spining up a discussion.

    For the first point have you tried the report System session storage? That would give you a lot more data points, however, you would still have to filter for a certain date.

    As for the Sessions Created and Edited : as we do only have this limited amount of reports available, so for now it makes sense to provide all videos created and then allow filtering the video source (Teams, Zoom, RR etc).

    I am afraid custom reports are not currenly on the roadmap (but I added it as feature request to your uni) but during the next Panopto Customer Office Hours on the 17th of Jan we will specifically speak about analytics and what there is to come, I am sure my colleagues would love your insight.

    Kind regards


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    Thanks for your reply Evelin.

    I did look at a System session storage report but it was too large (over 400K rows) for me to even sort by start time/date.

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