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Audio replacement/voiceover or additional audio track

We really need Panopto to provide a way to independently select the featured/focus video and audio streams independently in the editor. This would provide a native solution to the following use cases that occur more and more frequently:

  1. users who experience audio issues during their recording (like dropout due to Zoom bandwidth or a mic running out of batteries mid-presentation) and would like to replace sections of just their audio without replacing the original video.
  2. users who want to provide an additional audio track to provide a narrator/voiceover that either ducks the original audio or completely replaces it. This is relevant when creating training videos or correcting mistakes or providing updated information.
  3. users who want to provide a background music track behind their performance

The ideal and complete implementation would allow an editor to:

  1. split a primary AV stream into separate video and audio streams
  2. join separate video and audio streams into a new AV stream
  3. upload additional audio-only streams
  4. mix two (or more) simultaneous audio streams with an optional auto-ducking mechanism
  5. if possible, re-record new audio streams (like voiceovers) *while watching the original recording*

I am picturing the editor view showing AV steams AV1, AV2, etc grouped, video-only streams V1, V2, etc grouped, and audio-only streams A1, A2 etc grouped, all in parallel tracks. AV tracks (i.e. a primary AV stream) would display as they currently do, with the audio directly under the video. After splitting the audio from the video, the video and audio streams would jump to the video-only streams group and audio-only streams group. The ability to record voiceovers would appear in the "Add Streams" dialog, and would play the current podcast version while the user records the new additional audio stream.

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