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Ability to create more granular roles not based on existing ones

I would like to have the ability to create custom roles that are not based on an existing role. Is it possible that when I create a role there could be a list with all possible permissions (except perhaps only ones the admin should have) where I choose what permissions to grant in the role?

I am finding that I have a big request from management that the existing custom role procedure doesn't cover.

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    100%! The pilot version of the feature was exactly what we needed. I still don't understand why the feature was cut down in the way that it was.

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    It would be great if we had a more granular experience when setting up custom roles. One example of where this would be useful would be to clone the site admin role, but strip away certain functionality. Namely, we want to give our Learning Spaces folks access to administer any and all Remote Recorder devices on the site but not give them access to all content, department configurations, site settings, caption providers, etc.

    Right now, we need to either give them access to each device individually as they come online/get replaced (and with ~400 devices, that is a bit unsustainable), or we have to give them full site admin access which is less than ideal.

    Another use case for having this more bumper-free custom role experience would be giving some higher level support people access to manage users, but not the ability to manage remote recorders, site settings, identity providers, caption providers, etc.

    Another use case...we don't want department admins to have the ability to assign new department admins.

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