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Admin tools for user administration


As Panopto administrator, I would like to add following feature request.

Better options for managing users would be beneficial.

What I am looking for is a user management tool with filtering options and bulk action options.


  • In Users list, filter users, who's Last sign-in is before dd/mm/yyyy.
  • There could be other date field-based filtering options (after, range, etc)
  • Also, text-based field filtering options: Username contains/do not contain etc.
  • After filtering, select all/some of filtered users for a bulk operation.
  • Bulk operation: assign role, delete, deactivate etc.

In this example, deactivation means: user account and all of her/his videos and other data still exists in the system, but s/he cannot login to the system. Such an operations are quite common in many systems.

Also, a nice-to-have feature: automatically delete deactivated users, calculated X days/weeks/months/years from deactivation date.

Use case behind this:

  • When someone has left the company (university in our case), her/his user account still seems to stay on Panopto. 
  • (We are using SSO - users are created automatically but not deleted)
  • It is possible to delete this user manually
  • However, in large organisation such a manual work is time-consuming for admins.
  • Also, finding (filtering) these users is difficult.

We would like to see options to automatise this "cleanup" task.

BR, Jani

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