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Continuous Live Streaming

Hello Panopto Community and Development Team,

I'm reaching out to request a enhancement to Panopto's capabilities: the ability to facilitate continuous live streaming (24/7) from Remote Recorders or an RTMP source. Currently, we are utilizing other services to meet this need, but integrating this functionality into Panopto would greatly benefit our operations.

Current Limitation & Proposed Feature:

The main limitation we're facing with Panopto is the 24-hour maximum streaming duration. We propose the introduction of a continuous streaming feature without this time constraint.

Example Use Cases:

  1. Live Campus Views: Offering real-time streaming of various campus locations to showcase campus life.
  2. Internal TV Playlist Broadcasting: Continuous broadcasting of an internal TV channel playlist.
  3. Live Research Monitoring: For ongoing academic or scientific research that requires constant observation.

Optional Recording Feature:

While continuous streaming is our primary focus, the ability to record select portions of the stream (e.g., the last 24 hours or specific timeframes) would add value, allowing us to capture important moments as needed. We dont want Panopto to be a CCTV solution, but some basic recording options would help the research side.

Incorporating continuous live streaming into Panopto would significantly enhance its utility for a wide range of applications, especially in educational and research settings. We believe this feature would be a valuable addition to the Panopto suite and would be greatly appreciated by the user community.

Thank you for considering this request. We look forward to the possibility of this feature becoming a reality in Panopto.

Remember: Video isn't just about recording; it can also be about capturing the moment as it happens - live. ;)

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    I've heard this request here a few times and I think a concession we (University of Iowa) would make is that we wouldn't need (or even want in many cases) the ability to rewind/record the livestream as a whole when continuous streaming is on.

    I also really like the idea of having the ability to capture portions of a live stream to be used later within Panopto (not limited to a continuous stream). For that feature I think one should be able to schedule clips to be recorded as well as manually record clips while live streaming. The result of these clips would be a new standalone session for each in the folder while the livestream would continue as it was. I think it would be fine for the regular session limitations to be applied to these clips (24 hour max, etc.).

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