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2 folder with te same ExternalId and GetAllFoldersWithExternalContextByExternalId


I have 2 folder with the same ExternalId (and it is ok)

Those 2 folders are automatically created by integration with Moodle (LTI)

1 Folder corresponds to a Moodle category, and the other corresponds to a Moodle course (under the tree of Moodle categories in the correct position)

using GetAllFoldersWithExternalContextByExternalId passing same ExternalId and same providerName i get just 1 folder (the one that corresponds to the Moodle Course)


Then I call GetFoldersWithExternalContextList passing as searchString part of name of category's folder and when I collect the result I can see in the field called ExernalIds[] that this folder has the same ExternalId of the course's folder (as expected)

Question are:

why GetAllFoldersWithExternalContextByExternalId collect just Moodle course's folder ?

I don't want to search the Moodle Category's folder by name but only by his external Id this because someone could have renamed it and I want to work only using IDs

PS in the Panopto interface the External ID info are showed just in the course's folder settings popup and not in the category's folder popup (I can get this info with GetFoldersWithExternalContextList)

Panopto knows if a folder corresponds to a moodle course or to a moodle category infact the next image are different in the 2 cases (even if both are folder property popup)

In case of moodle category folder the part in red is missed even if the folder has the external ID

I need to collect both by external ID




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    Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee

    Hi Roberto,

    Thank you for bringing this up. That particular function is limited to only return course folders, and not return hierarchy folders such as a Moodle Category folder. I'll file a ticket internally to update the documentation to indicate that only course folders should be returned.

    We do not currently have an API available to get external hierarchy folders by external ID.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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