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Inquiries about folder creation and publisher permissions


We are a company that operates university LMS, and we are operating LMS and Panopto in connection with it.

I would like to know if Panopto API is provided in the process of linking.

1. If there is no folder with a specific name under my folder, is it possible to create a new one?

2. Is it possible to set the created folder to “Upon publisher approval” in the availability section and disable user modification?

3. Is it possible to upload files to a specific folder?

4. Is it possible to return the information of the session when the encoding of the video uploaded to the review folder is completed?

- (Instructor account information, session URL, upload folder path, posting approval status, etc.)

5. If the reviewer (publisher) approves posting, is it possible to transmit the information to Panopto?

6. When session information of the review folder (not my folder) is provided in the LMS, is posting status also provided?


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    Kevin BaumKevin Baum Panopto Employee


    1. It is possible to create a new folder using the Panopto Public REST API's Create Folder endpoint or the SOAP API's ISessionManagement.AddFolder endpoint. These functions will not see if there is an existing folder with the same name (unless it's in the same parent folder), so you would need to first search to see if a folder with that name already existed using the Search Folder endpoint of the REST API or the ISessionManagement.GetFoldersList endpoint of the SOAP API.
    2. It is possible to modify the permissions and availability of folders using the SOAP API. You can use the ISessionManagement.UpdateFoldersAvailabilityStartSettings to set the folder availability to "Upon Publisher Approval", and can use the IAccessManagement Interface endpoints to find who has permission on folders, and change or remove those permissions.
    3. Yes, you can use our Upload API to upload videos to a specific folder, in addition to uploading videos using the Panopto Web Application.
    4. You can use either the REST API's Get Session by Id endpoint or the SOAP API's ISessionManagement.GetSessionsById endpoint to get information about a session including the owner, URLs, and folder. We don't currently offer any automatic triggers or events when the video is done processing unfortunately, but you can always check the status from the Upload API endpoints.
    5. If you'll be approving the sessions outside of Panopto, you can use the SOAP API's ISessionManagement.UpdateSessionsAvailabilityStartSettings endpoint to "approve" a session by modifying it's availability settings. Note that if you have Publisher Approval required, the user who calls this endpoint must be a Panopto administrator or a Publisher and Creator on the folder.
    6. Are you able to clarify what you mean for this question? I'm not sure how to best answer it right now.

    I hope that this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.



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