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How can you link to another video?

Hi, I'm planning on developing instructional videos for faculty. I would love to have a "hotspot" option or clickable link inside videos, that can link out to another Panopto video. A simple link should do the trick.

In the absence of such a feature, what would you all recommend? I can add a link to the description, but it's only the full URL and not descriptive text, which is not screenreader-friendly. There's no description field where I might add a link that I can find.

What would you all suggest?


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    I would maybe use Playlists for this need, it's not going to be perfect, but as long as you share the playlist instead of the video, it will show the series of videos in the player, let them click next, etc.


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    I think it's possible to achieve what you want using the Panopto embed API:


    It allows you to do a number of things including stopping a video and linking to another video by way of a hotspot.

    However, it would require some JavaScript development expertise.

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