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Sharepoint App to Embed Panopto Videos

edited April 14 in Feature Requests

To embed a Panopto video in Sharepoint you must have a site admin change the HTML Field Security and add your Panopto domain to the whitelist. For many reasons this isn't sustainable in large organisation where typically only Site Owners are assigned to manage Sharepoint sites, because making everyone an admin introduces a significant security risk. The steps to enable embedding videos are documented at: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/office/allow-or-restrict-the-ability-to-embed-content-on-sharepoint-pages-e7baf83f-09d0-4bd1-9058-4aa483ee137b?redirectSourcePath=%252fen-us%252farticle%252fAllow-or-disallow-iframes-for-a-site-collection-C0A622C3-5E1B-4EE5-9764-BC8BC63AE8E0 . This setting is set per site and cannot be set globally without running a script across all sites.

There are some 3rd party apps, which we will be looking into, but this could be solved via a Panopto app for Sharepoint to embed videos. Sadly, this app doesn't exist. A feature request has been raised with Panopto Support: FR-2580.

Please upvote this feature request if you would also like to be able to easily be able to embed Panopto videos in Sahrepoint.

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    SharePoint app offers seamless integration with Panopto videos, empowering organizations to enhance their content management and collaboration experience. By embedding Panopto videos directly into SharePoint pages, users can effortlessly access and engage with rich multimedia content while leveraging the powerful features of both platforms for enhanced productivity and knowledge sharing.

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