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Modify speed controls in Embedded Viewer

Our ASL program uses Panopto to capture student videos of them signing for a few different assessments. Our faculty in ASL frequently need to watch a video that students have embedded in a Canvas Quiz submission. They need to frequently adjust the playback rate for the videos and doing so blocks almost half of the video so they are unable to see the student on screen. They need to pause the video and maybe rewind some, adjust the playback rate, review the section they need to, pause again, adjust the rate again, then continue watching. It is a lot of fiddling around for an action that should be very simple.

Would it be possible to add some functionality to the embedded player so the user can "pin" the variable speed playback controls to the side of the player? Right now it takes 6 clicks each time they need to adjust the playback rate, assuming they don't need to rewind at all.

This change would also be helpful for the more general audience (outside of ASL) when reviewing content and changing playback rates.

Current Implementation:

Proposed optional "pinned" controls:

Obviously this would need to push the video in a bit to fit inside of the bounds of the frame, but I just wanted to put together a quick screenshot to illustrate.

Submitting as a feature request, but the current implementation is really quite limiting and prevents faculty who rely on signing from communicating effectively.

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    Chaz BarbourChaz Barbour Superstar

    Panopto could also adopt the YouTube player shortcuts.

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