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What's new: UI/UX Changes coming in Panopto 15.0

Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator
edited June 3 in What's New

We are excited to announce that the upcoming release of Panopto 15.0 includes UI/UX improvements for folder management. Through a new drop-down menu option in the folder's header and the dedicated modals that appear for the menu option selected (Renaming, Sharing, Moving, and Deleting folders), you can easily manage your folder in fewer clicks than before. Images of this update can be found below. Please note that this drop-down menu will only appear for the currently open folder, but will be added to the smaller subfolder icons in a later release. To use the drop-down menu for a subfolder, you will need to open the subfolder.

Sort Drop-down

The 'Sort direction' arrow has been moved outside of the 'Sort by' control to make it easier to change sort direction:



Folder Drop-down menu in Header

A new drop-down menu has been added to folder headers to allow highly used folder functions (Rename, Move, Share, Delete) to be accessible without having to open folder settings:







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